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Along with spring comes tree roots. Schedule a prevent today

By campbellsp21605841, Mar 15 2017 03:30PM

As exciting as the idea of warm weather is, let me warn you, tree roots growing could be a problem for your plumbing. Before the invention of PVC piping, your outdoor pipes used to be made from clay, which tree roots have no trouble growing into. If you have an older home and trees growing in your yard, this could spell trouble for your mainline, but I'm probably not telling you something you didn't already know. Rather than wait for the tree roots to get the upper hand and back your mainline into your basement, did you know you can be proactive an schedule a prevent to clean out the unwanted roots before they wreck havoc on your plumbing? Call us today to schedule your prevent. We'll be happy to get your pipes, CampbellClean.

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